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Ways to Learn the game of curling at ECC

Evergreen Curling offers these curling opportunities:

Learn-to-Curl - 2 hour group lesson open to the public
Private Lesson - 90 minute lesson for up to 4 people
Group/Team events - private 2 or 3 hour curling experiences for 6 to 30 participants.
Curling 101 - 5-week group lesson series, followed with coached league play.  A great follow up to a Learn-to-Curl or team event, however prior experience is not required.  Lesson is more specific to your body type and style of delivery.
Friday Friends - if you have already learned the basics, get some practice in these casual games.

All lessons must be booked in advance.  Friday Friends drop in games are available as space allows.
Note: ECC is open mid-September to mid-May and is closed summers.


2 hour Introductory Lessons

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Curling 101

In-depth lesson series

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Teams and Groups

Weekday Daytime, Saturday Night Teambuilding & Parties

Curling Explained

Stones in house for maintenance

Plenty of people have referred to curling as "shuffleboard on ice" but it is not.  Invented by the Scottish and dominated by Canadians, curling is a strategic and social game which begins and ends with the shaking of hands and pleasant remarks.  Curling is an Olympic sport that began in the 1500's and made its way to North America in the 1700's.

Called the 'roaring game' due to the sound the rocks make while sliding across the ice, curling is a team sport employing both strategy and skill.  Two rinks (teams of 4) compete against each other on a sheet (playing field), with each team delivering eight stones in an end (similar to a baseball inning) for 8-10 ends.  Only one team may score in a single end. All eight stones for each team are delivered in one direction (alternating teams), then score is taken to complete an end.

Teams consist of (in traditional order of delivery): lead, second, third (aka vice) and skip.   One player delivers a stone, two sweep, and one holds a broom to aim for.  The skip strategizes and calls the shots for the team.  All player rotate in delivering stones.

What makes this game different is the curl.  Stones are delivered with a specific rotation, and as the stone nears the end of its path it moves laterally in the direction of the curl which allows a stone to come to rest behind another stone.

Curling does not require a specific delivery technique (other than that the technique or equipment used may not damage the ice) so it may be played from a sitting position or standing position, in addition to the traditional lunge.  

Mixed Doubles, a new addition to the Olympics in 2018, is a version of curling in which two teams of two members each (traditionally, one male and one female) use six stones for a game.  Each end begins with one stone from each team placed "in play" before the end begins.  Mixed Doubles games consist of 8 ends.

Pathway to Membership

For beginners and non-curlers:

Start with a Learn-To-Curl

2-hour introductory group lesson to get you playing an end or two of a game. (Ages 10+)


Evergreen CC will provide the needed curling equipment. Upon arrival you will be fitted rubber grippers that fit over your shoes. The event will begin with a short video and safety talk, then move out onto the ice. 


Lesson covers basics of delivery, sweeping and game play.  No experience necessary, and we can accommodate most abilities including wheelchairs.  Advance notice is appreciated for blind or deaf athletes.

Curling 101 

5-week lesson series for adult and mature teen curlers with 2 years or less experience (Learn-to-Curl or equivalent intro class recommended).  Often paired with a 4-6 week instructional league.


Course provides in-depth instruction in the basics, including delivery, sweeping, gameplay and strategy. Brooms and grippers are provided. Some sessions include coached league games.


Find out more about 101

Manager's Choice Leagues

Introductory league to help new members develop their skills. Each team will include at least one experienced player who can offer coaching as you play.


Register as an individual or a team. Membership is required before registering for leagues.  Non-member drop-in available on Fridays.


Find out more about member leagues


Team sweeps stone into house

Friday Friends: Single games available to both members and non-members, novice level and higher.

Mary delivers a curling stone with the stick

stabilizer delivery

Stabilizer Delivery

Stick Delivery

Stick Delivery

Broom Delivery

Broom Delivery

Tuck Delivery

Tuck Delivery

What to Wear Curling

Dress warmly in exercise pants or sweats and multiple top layers.

There are however items you are not allowed to wear....


Check out instructions on finding us as we're not visible from the street.

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10950 SW 5th Street
Suite #155
Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone: 503.430.0910

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To be a self-sustaining club, inclusive of all people and skill levels, that promotes curling development in an enjoyable environment.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit sports organization.