Evergreen Curling Club, Portland, Oregon

Evergreen Curling Club, Portland, Oregon.

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Annual General Meeting

May 11

Doors Open 4 PM

Meeting Begins 7 PM

Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Jimmy Sattem, Dan Sorensen

2016 Club Champions

Doug Schaack, Roger Chan

Jimmy Sattem, Dan Sorensen

Unsung Heros

There are many more...

Unsung Heros

Corporate Events INFO

...More "about curling events"

Corporate Events

Until May 13th

Week Days

Saturday Social Curling

Need Practice? Want Team Building? Desire Skill Coaching?

Saturday Social Curling!
April 30th 7 - 9pm

Ticket Prices: $10 1 hour
$15.00 for 2 hours and a "burger."

Pre-requisite: A Learn To Curl Lesson!

TICKETS:    Details and more info here!

Or, Take your chance at the door

Saturday Social Curling

April 30th 7 - 9pm

Ticket Prices: $10 for 1 hour
$15 for 2 hours and a burger.

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