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The Doubles Game

What is Doubles Curling?

Doubles is a fast paced version of curling played by two-person teams, using 6 rocks per team, but starting each end with one rock per team in play.  In competition, the game is Mixed Doubles with teams made up of one male and one female player, but our league is open-gender (any combination).

Doubles league games are slightly shorter in duration than traditional curling games as less stones to deliver makes for a faster paced game.  

doubles sweeping

Mixed Doubles team from Saudi Arabia practicing at ECC

History of Mixed Doubles


"The idea of mixed doubles curling came about in 2001, by Warren Hansen from Curling Canada, to be one of the four curling disciplines for the Continental Cup of Curling tournaments. 2008 marked the first World Mixed Doubles Championship in Vierumäki Finland, and since then has continued to be an annual event. Unfortunately doubles curling was not approved by the International Olympic Committee for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC. 2018 marked a big milestone for mixed doubles curling when it made the list of sports for the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Since the beginning, doubles curling has been in the shadow of standard curling because is was not as commonly known or played outside of competitions. It has since grown into one of the many popular disciplines of curling with events and leagues widely available."

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