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Group / Team Event Pricing

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Managing Group Size

1 sheet = 8 recommended limit, maximum is 10 people
2 sheets = 16 recommended limit, maximum is 20 people
3 sheets = 24 recommended limit, maximum is 30 people

Large groups are accommodated by booking 3 or more hours and running multiple sessions within the event.  Participants may only be "swapped" in and out during events of 3 hours or more with 3 sheet bookings.

Event Pricing

All necessary equipment provided.   Prices valid through May 2024.

2-Hour Event

$474 one sheet (playing field)

$830 two sheets.

$1174 three sheets.


Participants may not swap in or out, and must all fit within the capacity limits of the number of sheets booked.


Curling lesson followed by 1-3 ends (innings) of a game as time allows.  


10% discount for events booking the start of their "ice time" at 11am or earlier, Mon-Fri.

3-Hour Event

$628 one sheet (playing field)

$1126 for two sheets.

$1599 for three sheets.


Participants may swap once. 


Detailed instruction followed by game-play.  

Affords time for a mid-session break, if desired.


10% discount for events booking their "ice time" at 11am or earlier, Mon-Fri.

Events of longer duration are possible!  Looking for an extended meal time?  Want to book multiple teams on the same day?  Shoot us an email with your ideal scenario and we'll see what we can do.

Non-Profit, School & Scout Pricing

As a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, we understand the financial challenges of operating as a non-profit, and so we offer a different pricing structure for registered non-profit organizations, and all-youth events including scouts, church groups and school field trips.   If the group you are booking for falls into this category, please contact the Events Manager for pricing details.

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To be a self-sustaining club, inclusive of all people and skill levels, that promotes curling development in an enjoyable environment.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit sports organization.