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ECC Terms and Conditions


The Evergreen Curling Club (ECC) is hosting your group for a fun-filled curling session. Curling is a fun sport that appeals to a wide range of people. Strategy, leadership, communication, sportsmanship, socialization and competition are a few aspects of curling that make it a great event for corporate team-building exercises, social events, or just about anyone who is interested in having fun!

Booking of and participation in an event at Evergreen Curling Club is an acceptance of these conditions. 


The cost of the ice rental includes all the equipment you will need, including stones, brooms, sliders and grippers.  Your session includes registration, an off-ice introduction followed by on-ice instruction and participation.  For group events, we may accommodate up to 30 participants on the ice at one time.  Participants of events less than 3 hours may not be swapped in/out (please contact the Events Manager for special circumstances).  In order to maximize your time on the ice learning to curling and playing you should have all participants sign the online waiver:  This will speed the registration process.  For corporate events, companies may not “sign” the waiver for their employees.

For more details, or for information on your specific event, please contact our Events Manager at:.


ECC is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) Charitable sports organization.  As a result, our facility is only open when we have specific events or member activities scheduled.  We ask that you arrive for your corporate event no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled starting time.  The door may be locked and if not, our volunteer instructors are preparing the facility for your use.  Arriving earlier will disrupt them or perhaps another group.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Event TIMing

The time window booked encompasses the entirety of your event.  All events and lessons must watch the safety video at the start of your lesson (or receive a live version of the safety talk should the video be unavailable).  All events include a lesson, which cannot be skipped if your participants are new to curling, as it includes information crucial to both the safety of the participants as well as the safety of the equipment and facility.  Groups looking to spend a full 2 hours in game play need to book a 3 hour event in order to do so.


● Remember that the ECC facility is a family friendly environment.
● Consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. If one of your group participants becomes visibly intoxicated, notify the bar staff.  Do NOT transport alcohol into the Curling Club or remove alcohol from the premises.
● Treat everyone with the highest respect.  All types of abuse of any teammate, competitor, member, guest or other person is unacceptable. 
● Not use or possess illegal drugs on ECC property.
● Not smoke inside the curling facility/building. This includes all tobacco products, vaping and e-cigarettes.
● Not bring guns or other weapons into the curling facility.
● Treat the ice and equipment with respect. The ice is equivalent to a well groomed putting green.  Reasonable effort must be made to keep ones body off of the ice (feet excepted) which may cause melt and damage the playing field.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in removal from the ECC premises without refund.


ECC is not able to provide food for your group (beyond snacks) without prior catering arrangements.  If you have not booked catering through us, you are welcome to have food for your group brought in by one of the many local restaurants in the area.  We do not provide dishes, glasses, utensils or paper products, so be sure that your food provider is aware that they must also supply those items needed.  We do have a sink that can be used as needed by your caterer. ECC does have tables that your caterer can use so we would appreciate knowing in advance that you will be having food so we can set those tables up for you.  ECC cannot extend events because your food arrived late, nor can we extend events because  you wish to pause curling in order to eat.  Please plan accordingly when you choose the duration of your event.

ECC does have an OLCC liquor license and we can provide a bartender to open the bar if we are advised in advance that you wish to purchase these beverages during your event.  By law, you are not allowed to bring in or consume any alcoholic beverages not provided by us.  We do have a non-alcoholic choices, such as soft drinks and water available at our bar.


ECC cannot provide secured storage for personal items (purses, cameras, computers, etc.) so please minimize the number of these items you bring.  You are welcome to leave these items in the warm room in the care of one of your colleagues or bring them into the ice-house on the walkway while you’re curling at your own risk.  


Members of your group who wish to attend but do not wish to curl are welcome to stay in our Warm Room where we have camera monitors and windows allowing them to watch the action.  ECC does not require the use of helmets while curling, however those wishing to protect themselves in the event of a fall are encouraged to wear head protection (not provided).

Service animals are welcome in the warm-room (lounge).


From time to time the weather may make curling unsafe, be it transportation to the club, or ice conditions.  Rescheduling to available ice time is available in the case that external conditions make travel unsafe, such as icy roads and snow.  For these situations, please request a rescheduling a minimum of 4 hours in advance.  Cancelation or postponement requests must be made by emailing the events department and phoning 971-249-2875.  In other cases, extreme temperatures for multiple days in a row may make curling unsafe.  ECC will do everything we can to ensure the ice is frozen and safe for curling.  In the event of chiller failure or unsafe ice surfaces, we will notify your group of the cancelation with as much advance notice as possible and refund any payments made.

PAYMENT, REFUNDS and How to Cancel

Payments are refundable on bookings cancelled up to 7 days before the date booked and cancellations/changes must be confirmed.  Leaving a message on voicemail does not qualify as a cancellation.  Failing to pay the deposit may result in, but does not guarantee a cancellation.  Cancellation requests must be emailed to the events department.  Emails sent to the generic ECC email address (via website form) will not be honored.  Thereafter, deposits are not refundable and are considered forfeited (except in extreme weather as noted above).  

There is a $25 charge for changing which credit card is used after a charge has been processed.  Please make every effort to hand us the correct card the first time.

We try to be flexible to meet your group’s needs in order to maximize their enjoyment of this event.  If you have specific needs not covered above, please contact the Events Manager at:

10950 SW 5th Street
Suite #155
Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone: 503.430.0910

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To be a self-sustaining club, inclusive of all people and skill levels, that promotes curling development in an enjoyable environment.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit sports organization.